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[Who's that Pokémon?]

A few days ago a Pokémon origami book came out but I was a little disappointed with some of the designs. In particular Pikachu didn't look too good, and it required cutting, a big no-no in origami. I decided to design my own Pikachu, and although I really don't know anything about origami I think it didn't turn out too bad, so I'm sharing the design (I apologize in advance to the true origami enthusiasts who will cringe at my crappy technique and sloppy folding, not to mention the "cheating" ^_^;)

Anyway, I hope the instructions below are understandable, I really put this together carelessly without much thought. It may help that "Step 5" is a very common "base" fold, which is described in better detail [here] (pages 1-3).

If you have any scans of Pikachu origami you'd like to share please send them to me, I'll [post] them below. Thanks!

Step 1

[Step 1a]: Make a diagonal "valley" fold...

...like this: [Step 1b]. Unfold and do the same for the other diagonal.

Step 2

Make two perpendicular "mountain" folds: [Step 2a]

Which should give you the following creases: [Step 2b]

Step 3

The paper should now easily fold into a diamond shape with four "flaps", as shown below. Fold the two front flaps so that their outer borders meet at the middle:
[Step 3a], [Step 3b], [Step 3c].
Turn the paper around and repeat the process with the other two "flaps".

Step 4

Fold the upper "triangle" back and forth a couple of times:
[Step 4a], [Step 4b].

Step 5

Here's the tricky part. Unfold the flaps and "open" the origami so that it resembles an elongated diamond. Repeat the process on the other side...
[Step 5a], [Step 5b], [Step 5c] <- Flatten it out!

Step 6

OK, now find the end of the origami where the paper is split along the middle, and fold each tip outwards:
[Step 6]. These are Pikachu's ears!

Step 7

Fold the lower, frontal triangular flap upwards... [Step 7]

Step 8

Now fold the upper tip so that the top of the paper is aligned with the base of the ears: [Step 8]

Step 9

Fold the other big triangle towards the back: [Step 9a], [Step 9b]

Step 10

Turn the origami around. Fold the big triangular flap twice to make the tail:
[Step 10a], [Step 10b]

Step 11

Fold the edges of the lower triangle: [Step 11a], [Step 11b]

Step 12

Turn the origami around and fold the lower triangle backwards. Unfold it so that it can "stand": [Step 12a], [Step 12b]

Step 13

Lucky 13! I guess because we "cheat" here, adding Mr. Pikachu's features. What a cute little guy! ^o^ You could also draw his paws, and stripes, or whatever else you like! Yay!


Other Pikachus...

Here's a Youtube link from sith lord. Thanks for the shout-out!

Regina Magalhaes has sent me some very nice Pikachus based on my design! There'a a picture below:

Regina's Pikachus

Please visit her website at http://www.ibo.com.br/arte, it's really cool!

Here's a great-looking Pikachu (oops, I mean Spenjurmunni ;) from a considerably better origamist than I: [spenjurm.pdf]. The creator seems to dislike Pokémon, I wonder why he made it? And so well! :)

A Jigglypuff origami! Take a look [here].

Anime bookmarks!

Impress your friends when you bookmark Eco's Foucault's Pendulum with Ai-chan! Here are the template figures:

Skuld bookmark Download the [ps.gz] or [ps.zip] file (761k).

Ai bookmark Download the [ps.gz] or [ps.zip] file (190k).

Gally bookmark Download the [ps.gz] or [ps.zip] file (761k).

Making the bookmarks is straightforward:

I hope you find these bookmarks useful, and hope you have fun making them!

Did you like it? Let me know at: [marco@reimeika.ca]. Also, please visit my way cool [Gunnm] web page!

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