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by marco on the 10 of June, 2015 at 22:00

I've been practicing photography as a hobby since the time I first purchased a digital camera in early 2003. It was a small Canon PowerShot A70 which, in spite of being an entry-level camera, had some nifty features such as a manual shooting mode. I currently shoot with a Nikon D80; it's an old model that nonetheless still serves me well.

Over the years I've taken tens of thousands of pictures, and I wanted to put some of my favourites online. After trying out a few gallery generators I wrote a script which created a static HTML page. Its main drawback, however, was that it didn't allow navigating between single photos (that is, it wouldn't make a page for each image).

Once ukiyoe was online it was simple to write a script which could readily create a dynamic gallery (using the template gallery.tpl, included in the ukiyoe download). This template, however, is quite limited: it cannot generate thumbnails or retrieve EXIF data, for example.

The template portfolio.tpl in provides an enhanced image gallery with many extra features. To wit:

Note that Pillow is required.

Knowing Python makes it very easy to modify the template as needed. If curious my personal portfolio serves as a suitable demo.


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