The "why" behind ukiyoe and maiko

by marco on the 06 of June, 2015 at 22:00

Why write a new CMS?

There are many other more capable and mature platforms, but I wanted to create a system I fully controlled and understood. The best way to do this was to write one from scratch (barring the Bottle μ-framework, which is thankfully a single, concise Python module). I attempted to make ukiyoe simple, secure, and somewhat capable. Admittedly, the validity of these qualifiers has yet to be tested, but so far so good.

I also wanted to have a feedback mechanism. The options seemed to be either overpowered forum software, or a third-party offsite solution. Neither appealed to me, and so maiko was born, with essentially the same goals (and uncertainties) as ukiyoe.

Vulnerabilities are always a concern. I have tried my best to proactively address them, but oversights are unavoidable. Notifications in this regard are welcomed and appreciated at

Why write a new CMS?

Because it's fun to do.


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