The Maiko forum


Maiko is a file-based forum (BB/bulletin board) system written in Python using the Bottle WSGI micro web-framework. Python 2.6.6+ or 3.3.2+ is required and, other than Bottle (which is included), has no dependencies outside the Python Standard Library. Apache 2.2.15+ with mod_wsgi can be used for serving over the web. The author can be reached at

Maiko is currently at version 1. It has no plugin support and is considered feature complete, meaning further releases will only serve to fix bugs or improve performance (in lock-step with Bottle, if need be). Later versions will be numbered in a manner approximating the golden ratio φ, i.e. "1.6", "1.61", "1.618", etc.

Maiko is distributed under the 3-clause BSD license. Bottle was written by Marcel Hellkamp and distributed under the MIT license.

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